Thursday, October 9, 2014

Transition complete!

I've gotten everything moved over, so come visit me at my new blog,!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glutton for Punishment?

I miss this.

After I posted my goodbye message, I was convinced that I wouldn't blog in this capacity ever again. I even stopped reading other fashion blogs for a while just because I felt like I had lost my interest in the entire genre.

But then, something changed. I found a few, new-to-me, relatable blogs where women looked like real people and wore clothes that I would actually wear. I also rediscovered some of my old favorites and began reading them again. I started pinning outfits and recording what I wore and thinking about remixes and capsule wardrobes and somewhere along the way, I got the itch to start posting here again.

I can't guarantee that I'll keep a good schedule or even any kind of schedule. My pictures may still be awkward and poorly edited. I'll continue to write awkward entries about the weather and weekend plans. But you know what? It's what I want and what I missed.

I'm also going to transition this to a Wordpress blog for a number of different reasons. So, check out and prepare yourself for all of the awkwardness you can stand!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


In December I wrote that I wasn't having fun or finding inspiration from this blog anymore. I took a little break and then thought that I would be revived enough to create what I wanted this blog to be when I started it. Unfortunately, it never really seemed to take off. I have been doing a lot of thinking and self-evaluation lately, and I've decided that I'm finished with this little blog. I love fashion. I love reading other people's blogs and finding inspiration in what they post. I love writing too, but I just don't love this. I still feel awkward taking pictures of myself. I feel awkward posting pictures of myself. I don't like remixing challenges. I don't like promoting myself and forgetting to pin outfits, tweet things, and participate in linkups in the hopes that I'll see those little counter numbers get bigger.

There are a lot of people who are great fashion bloggers and who do what I wanted to do way better than I ever will. I want to keep reading them and being inspired by them. I just don't want to try to be them anymore.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tiny Closet Challenge: June 15-21

Week three! As I wrote Friday, I have been tempted to quit, but since I'm already halfway through, I might as well stick it out, right? =)

I debated making a couple of tweaks this week, but I realized that since I'm so close to the end, I need to stick with what I have and really work on the remixing aspect of the challenge.

Also, I have some funky pictures this week. I've been in more of a rush to take pictures lately, and it definitely shows!

Now, for the week three outfits:

Sunday, June 15:
Stayed home all day

Monday, June 16:

Tuesday, June 17:

Wednesday, June 18:

Thursday, June 19:
Out of work today

Friday, June 20:
Out of work again today

Saturday, June 21:

On to week four!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tiny Closet Challenge: Thoughts at the halfway point

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the Tiny Closet Challenge. I'll confess- on Wednesday night as we were going to sleep, I told my husband that I didn't think I was going to do this anymore, I was sick of not getting to wear all of my clothes, shoes, and jewelry, I didn't like repeating outfits, etc. However, I woke up yesterday morning feeling rundown, so I might have been whining because I didn't feel well.

This challenge isn't easy, and sometimes it isn't fun. I'm continuing to swap things, make tweaks, and bend the rules. But, I am sticking to the spirit and heart of the challenge. I've never stuck with a remixing challenge this long either! I don't know that I'll want to do one again...well, maybe during the cold weather months just to see if it's easier or more difficult.

The challenge is teaching me a lot about my style. I'm finding that I have too many things that don't really go together. I need a more cohesive style, rather than one that's made up of clearance rack buys and thrift store finds. I also like a lot of variety. I know that people say that no one notices if you wear the same things over and over again, but I notice when people do! I can't help but be paranoid that my coworkers are going to notice. I know that's silly, and maybe I'll break through that mental hurdle as the challenge continues.

I'm also finding out a lot about what I do and don't like to wear. I don't really like above-the-knee dresses unless I'm wearing them with leggings or tights. I don't really think I like shorts either. Or sandals am I going to wear for the rest of summer? This is helping me redefine professional work style also. There was an outfit that I wore this week that seemed completely unprofessional. I tried to justify it because we're in the summer semester and a little more laid back (plus, it's hot in my office), but I really shouldn't have worn it to work.

Overall, the challenge is making me more organized. I like having a small selection to choose from and not feeling overwhelmed in the mornings. I also want to explore minimalism more. I've always been a bit of a hoarder, so this small peek into minimalism has given me an idea of how much simpler things could be.

And let's not forget how much less I'm doing laundry. If that doesn't inspire me to keep going, then I don't know what will!

I'll have a wrap up of this week's outfits and the latest tweaks early next week. Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiny Closet Challenge: June 8-14

Week 2! Woo hoo! This week was a little more challenging for me because I'm starting to feel wardrobe fatigue. I really want the option of more clothes, which makes me wonder if I chose poorly or if I just really don't like a lot of the items I chose.

I had to make a couple more tweaks this week. First, since my silver sandals haven't been repaired yet, I swapped them out for the pink flats I wore on June 12. Second, my black cardigan is uncomfortably small. I don't know if I washed it incorrectly or what, but I had to switch it for the pink cardigan I wore on June 10. Third, I swapped the graphic t-shirt I had selected and not yet worn for the bicycle button down I wore on June 13. I am thinking about adding another shirt and removing the necklace from the pile since I haven't worn it.

I kind of feel like I'm cheating with all of these swaps and exchanges, but the rules even say to modify this as needed, so I guess I'm okay!

Here's what I wore this week:

Sunday, June 8:
N/A- didn't go anywhere

Monday, June 9:
Right before the dog jumped on me and muddied my shirt

Tuesday, June 10:
Skirt kind of looks like it's moving...

Wednesday, June 11:
Favorite outfit of the week

Thursday, June 12:
Least favorite (and blurriest) outfit of the week-
it felt really short!

Friday, June 13:
Pouring rain outside. Yay indoor picture

Saturday, June 14:
N/A- only wore workout clothes

I've now worn everything I selected. It should be interesting to see how week three goes since I'll really start "remixing" things. See you next Monday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tiny Closet Challenge: June 1-7

Phew! I survived the first week of the Tiny Closet Challenge! =) I knew I was going to be in trouble when I told my husband on the second day that I was already tired of the challenge. He not so gently reminded me that I had said that the last time I attempted to do a 30x30 remix challenge. Well played, Mr. Section 391.

Here's my lineup from my first week that I so bravely survived (ha!).

Sunday, June 1:
Wind blown hair

Monday, June 2:
Closed eyes!

Tuesday, June 3:
Favorite of the week

Wednesday, June 4:

Thursday, June 5:
Least favorite of the week

Friday, June 6:
A bit washed out

Saturday, June 7: 
Dog butt and closed eyes again! 

A few observations:

First, I switched out the skirt that I had selected. Since I decided to join this challenge kind of last minute, I didn't try things on (or really think through my combinations and how everything was or was not going to work together). I wore my original skirt to work on Tuesday, but I found that it was a little too snug and uncomfortable, so I swapped it for another black and white skirt.

Second, I'm debating exchanging the necklace for another pair of close toed shoes. Even though it's pretty warm outside, I don't always like wearing sandals, so I may do better with a pair of flats or another pair of TOMS-esque shoes. Also, my silver sandals broke on Friday! My husband is going to try to fix them, but if he can't, then I'm going to replace them with another pair by using some of my Amazon gift cards.

Third, this has made getting dressed and doing laundry quicker and more efficient, plus I've purged a little more of my wardrobe this week. If I keep cleaning things out during the challenge, I may only have about 33 things left by the end!

Fourth, I didn't do very well choosing colors that go together- or at least that's how it seems at this point. I should've stuck with a more defined color palette, like black and white and pops of color. Instead, I've got a random blue and white dress, bright shorts and capris, and some reservations about how this is going to play out. Oh well. One day at a time!

(Also, it wouldn't hurt me one bit to learn what my camera settings mean and how to use it so I don't have blurry or washed out pictures!)

See you at the end of week 2!

Monday, June 2, 2014

No Shop Summer and the Tiny Closet Challenge

I recently did a closet inventory and discovered that I have around 375 items. I was shocked! Plus, that doesn't even include all of the items that are in storage as I'm working to lose my "newlywed spread." For that reason, I want to institute "no shop summer" for myself. From June 21 to September 23, I will be giving up clothes, shoes, and accessory shopping, even if I receive gift cards for my birthday!

If you're a longtime reader or have an elephant-like memory, you may recall that I determined to stop shopping last summer. I didn't stay disciplined or committed to that plan at all! There are a few reasons why I think I'm going to be successful this year. First, this is a shorter time frame. It was unrealistic to think that I was going to go from shopping like crazy to cold turkey. That may work for some people, but I don't operate that way. Second, I'm more disciplined overall this year. I still have a long way to go and grow, but the act of getting up and working out 4-5 times a week has made me more focused in other areas. Third, we REALLY need to save money because we want to buy a house! There's nothing like knowing that a mortgage company is going to be looking at your financial history that makes you question how many times you want retail establishments appearing on your bank statements!

(I also have written a few times about shopping more ethically and have been failing at that as well. I have a couple of ideas about why I'm having trouble in that arena that I may share soon).

After I counted all of my clothes, I started thinking more about remixing. During my research, I started reading about the Tiny Closet Challenge from Alison Sherwood at fresh. The challenge runs from June 1 to July 12 and involves remixing 33 items (including shoes and jewelry- but not including jewelry you wear regularly, like your wedding ring) during this 6 week period. It took me a few days to figure out my items, but this is what I settled upon:

The jewelry

Not a great shot but my entire wardrobe!

The breakdown:
TN necklace
silver hoops
silver studs
garnet ring
silver ring
plain white tank
plain white tanks
gray lace tank
black lace tank
chevron tank
chambray tank
lacy t-shirt
graphic t-shirt
black and purple polka dot shirt
white 3/4 shirt
light red button down
chambray tunic
white cardigan
purple cardigan
black cardigan
pink shorts
green shorts
white capris
green capris
black capris
denim capris
black and white polka dot skirt
black and white maxi skirt
anchor dress
tan sandals
silver sandals
black sandals
flowered TOMS

Here's the first outfit. It was super windy, so this isn't the best picture!

Summer to-do list:
Pressure wash house
Learn to apply self tanner to legs

I am going to try to take pictures daily, but if I don't, I will at least keep a list of what I wear and have a breakdown at the end of the challenge. I'm excited about this (and a little nervous). Wish me luck! =)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Cardigan overload: A tale of my May spending

I bought five cardigans in May. I'm beginning to think that I need cardigan rehab. I even flipped out a little bit in Gap Outlet when I saw that their cardigans were 70% off. Somehow I only bought one that day. Maybe that's the first step in my rehab process.

Here's what else I bought in May:

Balloon cardigan, Target, $12

Black capris (same brand but not exact), Burke's Outlet, $10

Nest Boutique Cardigans- Black and Mint, $9/each

Not pictured:
Goodwill (2 skirts and a cardigan)- $15
Purple Cardigan, Gap Outlet- $12
2 White Camisoles, Gap Outlet- $5/each
Yard sale treasures- $12 (seriously, there's a lady in my parents' neighborhood that has some of the best yard sale clothes I've ever seen!)

I spent $89 in May, but the cardigans were worth it. ;-)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poison Ivy and Poison Teeth

Poison teeth may be a little bit of a stretch, but I liked the way it sounded together when I wrote it!

My husband had his wisdom teeth removed this morning. It was a very quick decision made by his dentist when he went in for a cleaning last week. I'm still trying to think of something to do to embarrass him while he's knocked out on painkillers! ;-)

I've got the poison ivy...lucky me! I think I got it from a co-worker's pet pig that he brought into the library last Friday. She was adorable, but as soon as she left, I had a rash on my arm. No fun!

How about some pictures of me without poison ivy...

My husband told me to turn around and model.
Also notice the dog booty in this picture!

I wore the same white cropped cardigan that I did in the last outfit post, but it was so warm when we took these pictures that I couldn't stand the extra layer! The cardigan made it look a little bit more professional...well, as professional as a denim shirt and TOMS can look!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Try to Dress Nice, Okay?

We recently had a reception for an art donation at work. It was a two-hour, drop-in reception in our library. My boss told me about it on the day I wore this outfit and told me to "try to dress nice" on that day. Sometimes I wonder what goes through her head when she sees my outfits... 

Dress Nice- Full Shot

Dress Nice- Close Up

Dress Nice- Huh?
Saying "huh" to my husband

I completely forgot to include the black and white shirt (and a pair of green capris) on my April budget round up! I went back and edited it to reflect those changes. I guess when you buy so much, you forget things!

Also, I didn't get a picture of what I wore to the reception, so I may have to repeat that outfit soon so you all can judge whether or not I looked "nice" for that event!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So much for no new clothes in April...

Remember when I said in my awkwardly titled March budgeting bloggers post that I was going to work on inventorying my closet and not buying new things in April?

Yeah, that failed.

I'm not sure what happened; it might have been letting my guard down and buying that first item. It might have been winning a $50 Target gift card on Jen's blog (Librarian for Life and Style) and deciding to buy a couple of cardigans with it. It might have been going to the mall with my husband one Friday night. Whatever it was, I fell hard.

I spent around $140 this month NOT counting the $50 Target card. Gulp. 

Bicycle button down, Target, $16

Anchor print dress, Old Navy, $10

Nautical sweater #1, Old Navy, $7

Nautical sweater #2, Old Navy, $7

Nautical Sweater #3, Old Navy, $7

Sleeveless top, Old Navy, $21

Shorts, Old Navy, $15

Little Mermaid shirt, Rue 21, $20

Sandals, Skechers Outlet, $35

Here's what I got with the Target gift card:

Cocoon cardigan, Target, $22

Dot cardigan, Target, $12
Navy canvas flats, Target, $16

Not pictured (since I forgot about buying them. Oops!): Black and white Walmart chevron tank top (seen here)- $10 and green Walmart capris- $3

On the plus side, I did go for a few colorful items. Evidently, I really wanted blue and green and nautical items this month. Hmm, I didn't realize what a theme I had going, down to the Little Mermaid shirt. Maybe my shopping habits are secretly wishing I had a beach vacation planned this summer...

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sprite Skirt

Warning: you're about to see my face again. Heh. After not posting an actual outfit picture since December 20, I was ready to post something again. For some reason, I'm going a little link up crazy today too!

First, there's Inspiration Monday at two birds:

Printed, belted, swifted.

Second, I'm a little late to this party, but there's the Style Me April challenge at Dean Street Society:

Sunshine. Got it.

And finally, there's Style Imitating Art, hosted by Salazaar at 14 Shades of Grey this round: 

"Spring Rain" by Erté
Wait. Sunshine and rain? It's like a spring day in Tennessee!

So how do we combine all of those challenges into a super challenge? We use the Sprite skirt!

What is the Sprite skirt? It's a skirt that has the color and shapes found in Sprite's logo. I know it's random, but it's the only image I get when I see this rarely-worn skirt!

Judge for yourself:

Sprite Skirt, 3

See the lemon shapes in the skirt and the yellow/green tones? Or do you just see the skirt of a crazy person? ;-)

Here's the skirt and the rest of my outfit:

Sprite Skirt, 1

Smartphone pictures in the office during lunch. Sweet! I also tried to get a better shot of my green shoes. One of our maintenance men said he needs a pair! 

Sprite Skirt, 2

I match the painting in my office also. How's that for Style Imitating Art?

Sprite Skirt, 4

I've got my Inspiration Monday look going with the printed skirt and belted look. I've got my Style Me April look going with the yellow in my skirt, yellow earrings (that I didn't get a good shot of), and the overall spring/sunshiny look. I've got my Style Imitating Art look going with the lines in the skirt imitating the rain in the picture and the green (and by matching my painting ha ha). Are any of those too much of a stretch? I had all three of the linkups in mind when I was choosing my clothes last night. Any thoughts?

I've missed blogging! I got a few tips from Danielle at A Little Bit of WoWe about how to make the picture process easier (and how to have better quality pictures since they won't be taken with a phone camera under fluorescent lights!). If anyone else has tips about how they make blogging easier on themselves, please pass them along!

Now go enjoy a Sprite!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Yourself Out Of That Store Right Now!

Wow. That's the best title I could think of? ;-P

March was a rather spend-y month in our house. I don't know why but sometimes we just completely disregard our budget and spend like crazy! As you'll see from my list below, I contributed a lot to the crazy spending! Our first anniversary was in March (woo hoo!!!), and my generous husband gave me a $100 Old Navy card as an anniversary gift. I was so excited!! I shared a little of it with him, and he bought two new pairs of shorts. I'm a giver...

Outside of the gift card, I spent $148. That may not be a lot for some people's budgets, but that's way too much for me to spend on clothes in a month! To be fair, some of it was workout related and a couple of items were replacement items, but the rest were complete impulse buys. To top that off, my mom also cleaned out her closet and had eight bags of clothes for me to look through! I should be clothes rich for the next couple of months at least (ha!). 

Enough talking, let's see what that $248 brought home last month:

Nice light sweater that should work well into Spring
Men's workout shorts- love them because they're not super short!

Replacement shirt for one I decided to try to "modify"

Why don't I own more button downs?

Replacement flats- Burke's Outlet

Pink princess skirt!!
Not pictured: brown flats from Burke's Outlet, red and black hooded sweater from Burke's Outlet, black and orange workout pants from Burke's Outlet, light denim shirt from Walmart, black and white wrap dress from Walmart, purple Reeboks to replace workout shoes, and a black and pink polka dot shirt I bought at the Southern Women's Show. Phew!

The pink princess skirt was also from a booth at the Southern Women's Show. The store is called At Jollys, and the girl working in the booth (who I believe is in the picture too) was adorable! When my mom and I walked by it, the skirt caught my eye, and I just kept standing there and trying to justify paying $42 for it. I'm pretty cheap frugal, so that's a lot for one item of clothing! After talking to my mom and the employee, I realized that I usually spend that much on junk at the SWS, so I may as well spend wisely and get something I love. I also thought of at least five different combinations for it, so it wouldn't be unloved. I'm going to wear it on Easter and for a conference presentation in May too, so it's already going to have two outings. Also, I did spend way too much time thinking about a skirt! I guess that's better than just grabbing things without any thought!

I'm going to take a clothes shopping break in April and work on getting all of my other stuff organized, inventoried (idea from brynnash's blog), and cleaned out. I might even wear "the skirt" while I organize! Ha!

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