Monday, June 9, 2014

Tiny Closet Challenge: June 1-7

Phew! I survived the first week of the Tiny Closet Challenge! =) I knew I was going to be in trouble when I told my husband on the second day that I was already tired of the challenge. He not so gently reminded me that I had said that the last time I attempted to do a 30x30 remix challenge. Well played, Mr. Section 391.

Here's my lineup from my first week that I so bravely survived (ha!).

Sunday, June 1:
Wind blown hair

Monday, June 2:
Closed eyes!

Tuesday, June 3:
Favorite of the week

Wednesday, June 4:

Thursday, June 5:
Least favorite of the week

Friday, June 6:
A bit washed out

Saturday, June 7: 
Dog butt and closed eyes again! 

A few observations:

First, I switched out the skirt that I had selected. Since I decided to join this challenge kind of last minute, I didn't try things on (or really think through my combinations and how everything was or was not going to work together). I wore my original skirt to work on Tuesday, but I found that it was a little too snug and uncomfortable, so I swapped it for another black and white skirt.

Second, I'm debating exchanging the necklace for another pair of close toed shoes. Even though it's pretty warm outside, I don't always like wearing sandals, so I may do better with a pair of flats or another pair of TOMS-esque shoes. Also, my silver sandals broke on Friday! My husband is going to try to fix them, but if he can't, then I'm going to replace them with another pair by using some of my Amazon gift cards.

Third, this has made getting dressed and doing laundry quicker and more efficient, plus I've purged a little more of my wardrobe this week. If I keep cleaning things out during the challenge, I may only have about 33 things left by the end!

Fourth, I didn't do very well choosing colors that go together- or at least that's how it seems at this point. I should've stuck with a more defined color palette, like black and white and pops of color. Instead, I've got a random blue and white dress, bright shorts and capris, and some reservations about how this is going to play out. Oh well. One day at a time!

(Also, it wouldn't hurt me one bit to learn what my camera settings mean and how to use it so I don't have blurry or washed out pictures!)

See you at the end of week 2!

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