Friday, May 30, 2014

Cardigan overload: A tale of my May spending

I bought five cardigans in May. I'm beginning to think that I need cardigan rehab. I even flipped out a little bit in Gap Outlet when I saw that their cardigans were 70% off. Somehow I only bought one that day. Maybe that's the first step in my rehab process.

Here's what else I bought in May:

Balloon cardigan, Target, $12

Black capris (same brand but not exact), Burke's Outlet, $10

Nest Boutique Cardigans- Black and Mint, $9/each

Not pictured:
Goodwill (2 skirts and a cardigan)- $15
Purple Cardigan, Gap Outlet- $12
2 White Camisoles, Gap Outlet- $5/each
Yard sale treasures- $12 (seriously, there's a lady in my parents' neighborhood that has some of the best yard sale clothes I've ever seen!)

I spent $89 in May, but the cardigans were worth it. ;-)

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  1. Cardigans are so versatile! I have a weakness for them too.

    1. They really are! I think I'm going to get to the point where I have more cardigans than things to wear under them!

  2. I also like cardigans quite a lot. But not as much as blazers. I need blazer rehab. Great job with your budget this month. I did pretty good too, splurged on a comfy summer dress but I was on vacation and we all make semi-bad decisions when on vacation.

    1. I look at blazers every time I go shopping, but I've only bought a couple. I should invest in a couple for work though.

      Your dress may remind you of your vacation, which wouldn't be a bad thing. =)