Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Yourself Out Of That Store Right Now!

Wow. That's the best title I could think of? ;-P

March was a rather spend-y month in our house. I don't know why but sometimes we just completely disregard our budget and spend like crazy! As you'll see from my list below, I contributed a lot to the crazy spending! Our first anniversary was in March (woo hoo!!!), and my generous husband gave me a $100 Old Navy card as an anniversary gift. I was so excited!! I shared a little of it with him, and he bought two new pairs of shorts. I'm a giver...

Outside of the gift card, I spent $148. That may not be a lot for some people's budgets, but that's way too much for me to spend on clothes in a month! To be fair, some of it was workout related and a couple of items were replacement items, but the rest were complete impulse buys. To top that off, my mom also cleaned out her closet and had eight bags of clothes for me to look through! I should be clothes rich for the next couple of months at least (ha!). 

Enough talking, let's see what that $248 brought home last month:

Nice light sweater that should work well into Spring
Men's workout shorts- love them because they're not super short!

Replacement shirt for one I decided to try to "modify"

Why don't I own more button downs?

Replacement flats- Burke's Outlet

Pink princess skirt!!
Not pictured: brown flats from Burke's Outlet, red and black hooded sweater from Burke's Outlet, black and orange workout pants from Burke's Outlet, light denim shirt from Walmart, black and white wrap dress from Walmart, purple Reeboks to replace workout shoes, and a black and pink polka dot shirt I bought at the Southern Women's Show. Phew!

The pink princess skirt was also from a booth at the Southern Women's Show. The store is called At Jollys, and the girl working in the booth (who I believe is in the picture too) was adorable! When my mom and I walked by it, the skirt caught my eye, and I just kept standing there and trying to justify paying $42 for it. I'm pretty cheap frugal, so that's a lot for one item of clothing! After talking to my mom and the employee, I realized that I usually spend that much on junk at the SWS, so I may as well spend wisely and get something I love. I also thought of at least five different combinations for it, so it wouldn't be unloved. I'm going to wear it on Easter and for a conference presentation in May too, so it's already going to have two outings. Also, I did spend way too much time thinking about a skirt! I guess that's better than just grabbing things without any thought!

I'm going to take a clothes shopping break in April and work on getting all of my other stuff organized, inventoried (idea from brynnash's blog), and cleaned out. I might even wear "the skirt" while I organize! Ha!

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  1. that skirt is SO cute. seriously, it may not be a "staple" piece, but one you'll love to put on again and again!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait until it's warm enough for me to wear! Thanks also for hosting the Budgeting Bloggers linkup and taking the time to visit people's posts. I've found some great new blogs to read as a result! =)

  2. I tried to respond to your comment on my blog, but you're a no-reply commenter. DRAT. I would respond ON my blog, but I don't know if you'll see the reply! You asked about how I take all of my outfit pictures on weekends. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at so that I can let you in on the action :)

  3. Sometimes you just have to get things you LOVE. That skirt totally applies! And what is it about women's shorts that they have to be so...well, short?! I wear men's workout shorts too sometimes!

    1. It's finally warm enough to wear the skirt too, so I may be breaking it out tonight! Women's shorts are ridiculously short! There was a woman in one of my gym's classes the other day who was wearing shorts, and I realized that I have underwear bigger than they were LOL