Monday, April 21, 2014

Sprite Skirt

Warning: you're about to see my face again. Heh. After not posting an actual outfit picture since December 20, I was ready to post something again. For some reason, I'm going a little link up crazy today too!

First, there's Inspiration Monday at two birds:

Printed, belted, swifted.

Second, I'm a little late to this party, but there's the Style Me April challenge at Dean Street Society:

Sunshine. Got it.

And finally, there's Style Imitating Art, hosted by Salazaar at 14 Shades of Grey this round: 

"Spring Rain" by Erté
Wait. Sunshine and rain? It's like a spring day in Tennessee!

So how do we combine all of those challenges into a super challenge? We use the Sprite skirt!

What is the Sprite skirt? It's a skirt that has the color and shapes found in Sprite's logo. I know it's random, but it's the only image I get when I see this rarely-worn skirt!

Judge for yourself:

Sprite Skirt, 3

See the lemon shapes in the skirt and the yellow/green tones? Or do you just see the skirt of a crazy person? ;-)

Here's the skirt and the rest of my outfit:

Sprite Skirt, 1

Smartphone pictures in the office during lunch. Sweet! I also tried to get a better shot of my green shoes. One of our maintenance men said he needs a pair! 

Sprite Skirt, 2

I match the painting in my office also. How's that for Style Imitating Art?

Sprite Skirt, 4

I've got my Inspiration Monday look going with the printed skirt and belted look. I've got my Style Me April look going with the yellow in my skirt, yellow earrings (that I didn't get a good shot of), and the overall spring/sunshiny look. I've got my Style Imitating Art look going with the lines in the skirt imitating the rain in the picture and the green (and by matching my painting ha ha). Are any of those too much of a stretch? I had all three of the linkups in mind when I was choosing my clothes last night. Any thoughts?

I've missed blogging! I got a few tips from Danielle at A Little Bit of WoWe about how to make the picture process easier (and how to have better quality pictures since they won't be taken with a phone camera under fluorescent lights!). If anyone else has tips about how they make blogging easier on themselves, please pass them along!

Now go enjoy a Sprite!


  1. Ha, I LOVE how you have linked all three challenges! I guess I'll see you over at Salazar's tomorrow then (I also did it!) - the skirt is so pretty and I can see how it translates into all three things! Lovely post Amber and nice to see your face !x

    1. Thanks Kezzie! The bonus was that I hadn't worn that skirt in ages. Yay for shopping your own closet! =)

  2. I am impressed, three for one! I love the skirt, what fun colors!

    1. I felt like such an overachiever! =) The skirt made me realize that I want more yellow in my wardrobe also!

  3. Very impressive, combining 3 challenges in one -- and matching the illustration in your office! That skirt is so fun. :)

    Jen @ Librarian for LIfe & Style