Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So much for no new clothes in April...

Remember when I said in my awkwardly titled March budgeting bloggers post that I was going to work on inventorying my closet and not buying new things in April?

Yeah, that failed.

I'm not sure what happened; it might have been letting my guard down and buying that first item. It might have been winning a $50 Target gift card on Jen's blog (Librarian for Life and Style) and deciding to buy a couple of cardigans with it. It might have been going to the mall with my husband one Friday night. Whatever it was, I fell hard.

I spent around $140 this month NOT counting the $50 Target card. Gulp. 

Bicycle button down, Target, $16

Anchor print dress, Old Navy, $10

Nautical sweater #1, Old Navy, $7

Nautical sweater #2, Old Navy, $7

Nautical Sweater #3, Old Navy, $7

Sleeveless top, Old Navy, $21

Shorts, Old Navy, $15

Little Mermaid shirt, Rue 21, $20

Sandals, Skechers Outlet, $35

Here's what I got with the Target gift card:

Cocoon cardigan, Target, $22

Dot cardigan, Target, $12
Navy canvas flats, Target, $16

Not pictured (since I forgot about buying them. Oops!): Black and white Walmart chevron tank top (seen here)- $10 and green Walmart capris- $3

On the plus side, I did go for a few colorful items. Evidently, I really wanted blue and green and nautical items this month. Hmm, I didn't realize what a theme I had going, down to the Little Mermaid shirt. Maybe my shopping habits are secretly wishing I had a beach vacation planned this summer...

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  1. Love the Little Mermaid shirt and the green cardigan!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping that the green is as vibrant in person as it is on the website!