Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Would You Wear That Wednesday: Shoulderless Top

This week's selection, a shoulderless top:
Like the denim vest from last week, I find myself once again asking what the point is of this garment. If I wanted something sleeveless, I would choose a sleeveless shirt or tank top. If I wanted something with sleeves, then I would choose something that didn't have cut out shoulders and an awkward opening on the strap (seriously, how do you wear a bra with that?). Otherwise, I really like this top- the stripes, colors, and curved hemline. I'm just not digging the shoulderlessness (oh yeah, I made up a word). 

So far, I haven't liked anything I've posted. I haven't done that on purpose, though! I just browse websites of affordable stores that I would actually shop at, such as Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Old Navy, then I scroll and randomly select something. Super scientific, right? Also, I feel like by explaining what I do and don't like about the garments I pick, I'm helping myself (and maybe others) be more selective about shopping and choosing items. It's so easy to pick something up just because it's trendy/cheap/has pretty colors/whatever. It's harder to evaluate your options and make an informed decision.

Okay, now I'm off of my semi-soapbox. What do you think? Would you bare your shoulders and wear this top, or do you prefer shirts that can make up their mind between sleeveless and short-sleeved? 

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