Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Celebrating Section 391's 1st Year!

Before I start, I have to confess that I didn't want to include my not-so-favorite looks because there were more of those than I care to admit! Also, I noticed that some of my pictures don't work anymore; I think that's because I was linking them from Pinterest. I've got the links at the top of the homepage that indicate the outfits I did and didn't like, so if anyone is really super curious to see what outfits I didn't like, feel free to click the links (I'll get every entry on there in the next couple of weeks since some of my older ones are missing from it). Also, all of the pictures below are different sizes. I tried editing the code, but my brain is a little tired after surviving the first day of our fall semester, and it didn't work. Oops!

My top 10 favorite looks of the year:

#10- From August 27, 2012 (first one!)

#9- From September 5, 2012

#8- From October 9, 2012

07/15/13- Full body
#7- From July 15, 2013

#6- From May 1, 2013

07/22/13- Full Body
#5- From July 22, 2013

#4- From April 29, 2013

#3- From May 20, 2013

#2- From September 12, 2012

#1- From September 20, 2012

Things that I've noticed over the past year:

  • I feel frumpier when I wear my hair in a ponytail. I think it's because if I wear a ponytail, I'm usually running late, and if I'm running late, I usually have to pick out the first thing that doesn't need to be ironed.

  • I still would like to up my photography game- better colors, location, or something- because I don't love the quality of my pictures.

  • I have a lot more clothes than I thought. There are so many that I haven't worn some of them since I've posted pictures of them. I've gotten rid of some of them, but others are just taking up valuable space in my closet. I think the long weekend will be a great chance to clean out some clothes!

  • Some of the looks that I didn't really know how I would feel about, such as numbers 5 and 6, turned out to be some of my favorites. I guess I should get out of my style rut!

  • I miss having longer hair!

  • Having a posting plan makes a huge difference. Who knew?? ;-)
Any favorites from the top 10?


  1. My fave is #5 -- I would wear that RIGHT NOW! ;) And happy blogiversary!

    1. Thanks! =) It's the one I felt the least confident about, and now it's one of my favorites!