Friday, August 16, 2013

Stumpier than I thought

This is my 100th published posting!! Woo hoo! Plus, I'm almost to my one year blog-i-versary (or however you spell it). I think I'm finally starting to post consistently too. Gold star!

I went full out Southern girl for this title! It's the shortened version of "this outfit makes me look a lot stumpier than I thought I was." Stumpier, for those of you not in the know, means shorter and a little wider. I'm trying to wear my white pants a lot this summer since, you know, you can't wear them after Labor Day (which is way too rapidly approaching). I usually wear them with a longer top, but I thought this might be a good pairing. I feel kind of meh about it. The tank top seems to cut me off at a wide part of my body, plus it felt really, really low cut all day. I think it just bought itself a ticket to thriftdom...

Pardon the couch arm here...


Does my nose look crooked here? 
TGIF!! Weekend!! No knocked over mailbox today like last week! No flash flooding and crazy rain this week! Lots of exclamation points!! 

</Stumpy, out> ;-)

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