Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey, hey chambray

I think my new goal is to make my post titles as cheesy as possible!

My wayward right pocket on the shirt is proof that I should always take a couple of minutes on Sundays to iron my clothes. I even tried to straighten the pocket out with a hot roller. I'm not proud of that, but that seemed like a winning idea at the time.

Carry on wayward pocket...

Pretending to be "artsy"

Look at the pocket! Ironing does wonders for clothes!

I had to show a closeup of my earring because I really like it! It may be a little dressier than the outfit needed, but I don't care!


We have in-service meetings most of the week at work, and the fall semester kicks off a week from Wednesday. Where has this summer semester gone?!? (Side note: I'm a seasonal purist, meaning I don't decorate, prepare for, acknowledge seasons until their calendar dates. So while the fall semester/fall rush will be starting on August 28, nary a pumpkin scented candle, pumpkin flavored latte, or leaf themed decoration will grace my household/life until September 22. There's still pool time left!). Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't want to rush the seasons? There will be plenty of time for pumpkins, leaves, boots, and chilly mornings!

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