Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Would You Wear That Wednesday: White Pants Past Labor Day

Even though it's September 4, it's still summer. As I've semi-ranted a couple of weeks ago, I'm a seasonal purist, meaning I don't "celebrate" a season until the calendar officially marks it. I'm fine with people getting all trigger happy about autumn/fall, but this girl doesn't want to acknowledge it or hang her seasonal decorations until September 22.

Phew. With that mini-rant over, let's get to it for today. Here's today's selection: white pants past Labor Day:
As a Southern girl, this one is difficult for me. It's still summer, and it's still warm (it's supposed to be near 90 here Friday), so I still want fabrics and colors that will keep me cool. However, I also get really into social conventions and "rules" (guess that's the librarian in me), and I've always lived by the edict that white pants/shoes/bottoms are for between Memorial and Labor Days. I know that some rules are meant to be broken, but while I'm here in the south, I'd rather not be tsked tsked by ladies like my grandma who don't agree. 

But, if I lived somewhere a little more liberal with some of these fashion rules, I'd wear them in a second!

Who's with me? 


  1. That's so funny to hear that this fashion "rule" is still being adhered to in some parts of the U.S. Even though I also grew up in the South (in East Texas), this is definitely a random-feeling rule that I totally disregard. Although I don't have white jeans, I wear my white dress year round. In winter, I've worn it with a sweater, with tights and a denim jacket in the spring, and I will mix it up again this fall. :)

    But I am TOTALLY with you on recognizing the seasons when they officially become seasons. Halloween stuff already going on sale?! For shame!

    1. For some reason the white dress seems okay. Maybe because it's not just a bottom but an entire piece. I'm sure that I could find people that disregard the rule, but I'm in a small town outside of Nashville, so we're not really known for being rule breakers (or benders!). I think I'm too concerned about what the people around me would say, which is horrible! Especially since it's still in the 90s here, and I could rock my white ankle pants with a football t-shirt this weekend! =)

      We should start a group: bloggers against celebrating seasons early! Of course, it couldn't be called that because it needs a catchy acronym!