Friday, September 6, 2013

I've Lost That Loving Feeling

This used to be one of my favorite outfits; I couldn't wait until it was summer, and I could wear it. For the past couple of years though, I haven't been as excited about it. In fact, I only wore it once last summer and once this summer. I think I've lost that loving feeling (and now it's gone, gone, gone, whoa ooh whoa ohh whoaaaaa....heh heh). 

I've lost that loving feeling: full body


I've lost that loving feeling: from above

There are a few reasons I'm just meh about this one. The dress is completely sheer, and it feels really short to me. Also, it billows out awkwardly in the back, making me look wider than I really am. The cardigan has a hole in the pocket and just feels shabby. One of the shoes is coming apart also, but I think a date with the glue gun will fix that problem. My coworker assured me that the outfit looks fine, but I think I'm ready to give it a date with the giveaway pile.

The tank top underneath gets to stay. It was lucky this time...

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