Monday, September 23, 2013

Feeling Frazzled and Fluffy

I'm feeling a little frazzled and not so into blogging right now.

We're extremely short-staffed at work, so I'm the Reference and Instruction and Electronic Resources Librarian right now, and there are a ton of big projects going on that are all coming up.

I'm still settling into married life- six months in! Everything is great, but there are just a lot of adjustments that come with merging two lives; especially since I've never lived with a guy before. They're fascinating creatures...ha ha.

Our puppy is six months old. He's settling down some, but it's my first dog, and there's a lot to adjust to with that.

But, I think the biggest reason is that I've gained weight. I've gained about 20 pounds since getting married, and I'm definitely feeling ti. Most of my clothes don't fit, and the ones that do make me feel uncomfortable both literally and figuratively. It's hard for me to take pictures of my outfits when I don't particularly like them or really feel inspired by them.

So, I've got to take a break. I could keep doing text posts, but I think that gets boring after a while and completely defeats the purpose of a fashion blog. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but it may be for at least a month so I can get through the busiest instruction portion of the semester and help migrate our off-campus access to a different service. And truthfully, I'd like to lose a little weight!

I know that I don't have a ton of traffic here, but I did want to give an explanation for my disappearance this time around. I think I'll be back soon, but in the meantime, feel free to chat with me on Twitter- @ambersection391. I'll still be reading blogs and commenting, so I hope none of you are feeling frazzled and fluffy! =)


  1. I so get you. Take care of yourself. And yay for all of the positive life changes.

    I've been married almost 20 years, those men folk only get weirder. LOL

    1. Thanks for the support! =) I've managed to resist getting a candy bar from the vending machine today, so small steps, right?

      Don't tell me that they get weirder! Ack!!

  2. Totally get it -- I wish you the best, and look forward to when you come back stronger than ever! :)

    1. Thank you! =) I thought it would be better to take a few weeks rather than trying to churn out cruddy content. Hope your first week of the semester goes well!

  3. Taking time to take care of yourself is always a good thing. Congratulations on being married! I totally get the transition. My husband and I experienced this and it was not seamless by any means (e.g. "why is this stuff here?" or "is he going to move that soon?") but once you get that "stuff" out of the's almost like you can't imagine how it would be otherwise. =) We're going to be celebrating our 2 years soon and we can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I swear it still feels like we just got married...but I say that about time in general too. haha.

    Good luck on everything. Time flies but if you focus on your priorities, things will definitely get easier/improve/be better. =D


    1. Thank you for the sweet feedback! I think you hit the nail on the head! I'm not the most organized/neatest person anyway, so it's been a challenge to have twice the stuff and more space to pile it up in. We're making a little bit of progress though! Congratulations on your upcoming 2 year anniversary! =)

      I like that last line; I'm adding that to my quote notebook!