Monday, September 2, 2013

A "one piece, many ways" observation...

Before I get started, I want to say thanks again to everyone who participated in Friday's linkup! I know it wasn't a huge linkup, but I really enjoyed it and was excited to see what all of the participants wore. 

So today, I had planned to participate in Putting Me Together's One Piece, Many Ways linkup. I started going through my post labels, trying to find something that I had worn 3 or more times. To me, I thought 3 was a good number because it represented versatility. I didn't want to pick shoes because there's only so many ways you can wear them- with a casual outfit or with a dressier outfit- and I felt like that would limit my post (unless I'm just missing something really obvious here...). 

The only thing I found was a pair of black pants, and two of the posts had broken picture links! This observation made me start thinking about my wardrobe, or, my clothes, since they're not really a cohesive, remixable wardrobe right now. On my other blog, one of my goals during the time between turning 30 and 31 is to learn to remix each item in my closet with at least 3 other items. That may be a tall order, and I may not be able to fully complete that one, but the sentiment of the message- wear things more than once or twice- is there.

Also, I found that I had gotten rid of many items that I've photographed for the blog, either because they don't fit me anymore, or I just wasn't wearing them. I'm thinking about going through and removing those labels (when I do the rest of the blog cleanup work that I've been wanting to do for a few weeks). I use the labels to see how I've worn items, so it makes sense that if I don't have the items, I shouldn't keep the labels. Anyone have any thoughts on that? 

Whew. That was a lot of writing, and it didn't even really fit in with the theme of the linkup (well, maybe it kind of did...). Go check out how other people have actually remixed their clothes! I might get a few ideas of my own! =)

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