Monday, September 9, 2013

Four Eyes, One Heart

Today's outfit was loosely inspired by this week's Inspiration Monday pick:

I don't really like sheer tops that much (except for my mint top...), so I went for stripes and color blocking tucked into my black skirt. I don't have any black heels either, so I wore flats. 

Four Eyes, One Heart- Posing

I had a co-worker take my pictures because I wanted to show my husband that I wore my glasses to work (he usually leaves for work about an hour before I do). I had some horrible sinus problems today, so I had to bust out the spectacles. I like them, but they kept sliding off my face when I bent over or looked down. Oops! 

This photo cracked me up!

Four Eyes, One Heart- More Like Me

I can't wait to get off work today! My big plans tonight include drinking a milkshake and reading more about the Warrior Dash; we're doing it on October 5, and I'm terrified beyond belief slightly nervous. The milkshake is to soothe my fears...and help me gain more padding before the race, of course. 


  1. such a cute, casual look you have going
    heard those warrior dash's are super fun

    1. Thanks! I'm getting into this shirt tucking thing! 23 days until Warrior Dash! Ack!!!