Friday, September 20, 2013

Teeing Up

For today, I decided to link up with the Work Clothes, I Suppose Third Thursday Threads Linkup. Her theme this month is dressed up tees, so I decided to try a look for work that I've worn on the weekends before. To be honest, I felt a little casual wearing this to work yesterday. Plus, the shirt is a few years old, so up close, you can notice that the birds are beginning to look worn. I definitely want to try dressing up a t-shirt for work again, but I probably won't go with something quite as busy next time. 

Teeing Up; Full Body 2

Teeing Up: Full Body 1

Teeing Up: Book Necklace!
Book Necklace!

Teeing Up: Put a Bird On It
Shirt Closeup

Don't forget to submit a look for October's Outfit Inspiration Calendar! I've never done this before, so help me out! =) Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the book necklace! That's awesome.

    I do the dressing up t-shirt thing fairly often - I've learned that tucking in helps a lot, and so does a cardigan over it. I'm a big Disney freak, and I look younger than I am, so I had to work hard to find ways to wear Disney clothes and still look like an adult. ;)

    1. Good suggestions! I'm trying to get more into tucking shirts in because it does look neater. And librarians can never go wrong with cardigans! =)

  2. I have some faded tees as well -- but my husband likes to call them "vintage-looking" :) Pairing the tee with a blazer + cropped pants would be a cute look, as well.

    And btw, I wanted to let you know about a special blog-iversary giveaway on another of my blogs, one called Reel Librarians, which is all about librarians in film. The prize is your very own Lego Librarian, and all the details are here at . There’s only one mandatory entry, to leave a comment with your favorite librarian film. The giveaway is open through Thursday, Sept. 26.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

    1. Vintage-looking sounds so much nicer than cheap and old! Ooh, that would be a cute look! Thanks for the idea!

      Love the Reel Librarians blog! I'm sending it to my former co-worker also because she LOVES film/movies and would enjoy the blog. =)