Friday, November 15, 2013

Awkward pictures and weekend plans

This title is in honor of my patented Friday blogging formula! ;-)

I took these shots during the Pantone challenge week but I was still in my swamped/life funk phase so these were never posted. When you have pictures this awkwardly charming though, you can't keep them to yourself! This is the first time I've put this cardigan and dress together, and I liked it! I've also never worn this dress with tights and boots, but I'll be trying it again with this one and the other two I have (in green and black). I've actually shown this dress on the blog before too, so yay for remixing!

Awkward pictures and weekend plans: Side shot
I don't even have an explanation. Maybe I was showing the cardigan's shape?

Awkward pictures and weekend plans: Showing the ring
Attempting to show the ring and tights at the same time...

Awkward pictures and weekend plans: Full body
Enjoy the luminescent counter shot, free of charge
And, to talk about the second part of the title, what are everyone's weekend plans? =) I'm going to spend at least a few minutes cleaning out ill-fitting clothes and planning next week's outfits. Also, it's going to be close to 80 here on Sunday! Hope it doesn't make the ladybugs and wasps attack our house again. EEK!! 

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