Friday, November 1, 2013


I've been in a funk lately, and I'm just now starting to get out of it. October was a really busy month, and every time I started to blog, I just felt meh about the whole thing. I kind of felt meh about everything, and it was hard to motivate myself to do things beyond my basic responsibilities. My wardrobe reflected it too. I would just throw on whatever kind of fit and go with it. It was a vicious cycle; I felt "off" so I dressed like it, and then my blah outfit made me feel frumpier and more off. That really help me see the connection between looks and attitude.

Thankfully, I'm coming out of this blah phase, and I'm ready to hit the ground running again. I've taken a couple of pictures over the last month:

Struggling: Layers
A layered look from October 3

Struggling: Carafe
My look for the Pantone Challenge: Carafe

I'll be back on my regular schedule next week. I may even try venturing outside for pictures. Scary thought, right?

Has anyone else struggled with the blahs? How did you get past them?


  1. I've gone through ups and downs phases in blogging (and elsewhere). That's usually when you see other kinds of posts on my blog -- like an outtakes post or funny blogger poses -- in an effort to jumpstart myself out of the rut. Oh, and style challenges always do that for me, as a way to be creative with a specific starting point in mind. ;)

    Love that green layered look from early last month!

    1. That's a good idea! I always enjoy the outtakes and blogger poses posts, and I had no idea they served a dual role. =) I think I just need to get into my closet and play around some more too. That could be contributing to my rut. Thanks for visiting and for the compliment! Also, I loved your Dorothy look on Halloween! =)