Monday, November 25, 2013

Say cheese!

This past Saturday, my husband, puppy, and I had family Christmas pictures made. Yes, we took the puppy. Yes, we're those people that say fur child. There's no shame here.

Say cheese: full body
Saying cheese makes my eyes close
Say cheese: swoonish
Swooning or protecting my face from the sun?

Say cheese: face shot
What I would look like with a bit of a tan...

Bow tie
Puppy in a bow tie!!
That's about all I've got tonight. It's been a rough evening between the snow and crazy puppy. Tennesseans aren't well equipped for the white stuff or the freezing rain stuff or anything other than sunshine.


  1. A lovely outfit! And your doggy's bow tie! :D

    1. Thank you for both compliments! The bow tie was a last-minute replacement for a sweater that didn't fit him. I think I like that better. It made him classy ha ha.