Friday, November 22, 2013

What kind of animal is that?!?

Today I'm linking up with Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose for hehr Third Thursday Threads: Animal Prints feature. I have a pair of leopard print flats, but I wanted to wear a new-to-me pair of black wedges that my boss gave me earlier this week. I don't have any other animal print clothes, so I went for something that looks animal print-ish.

What kind of animal: Full body

I'm still getting the hang of lighting when I take outside pictures, so hopefully this isn't too over-processed! 

Here's a close-up of the print of the shirt:

What kind of animal: Shirt close up

It's kind of leopard-y, right? It also reminds me of our puppy's fur, so I could say I'm puppy-printed! 

I also wore actual animals with my elephant earrings, so I'm good to participate, in my opinion! =)

What kind of animal: Earring

(How did I just find out about Flickr's photo editing software? Prepare for my future postings to have an onslaught of edited pictures. Focus + blurring, ftw!)

Finally, here's my "model pose". I always enjoy seeing some of the faces I make!

What kind of animal: Drama pose

Watch out, Zoolander! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! It's only supposed to be 38 degrees on Sunday! I want to hibernate!!


  1. Very nice outfit -- I like the mix of black and earth tones! And as I wore an animal novelty print (my cat dress) to participate in the challenge, I say your elephant earrings count! :)

    1. Thanks! =) I've always liked black and tan tones together, and it breaks me out of the black and gray rut I tend to get in when it gets cold outside. Animal novelty prints and jewelry definitely count; what fun is having a rule that you can't bend? =)