Friday, January 4, 2013

My super long, picture heavy post of 30x30 selections!

Okay, I did it. I actually got 30 items together, took pictures of them (albeit, some most of the pictures are terrible because I took them at 1 AM the night I left for vacation), and started planning my outfits. I may take longer than 30 days. I may end up throwing this whole idea away. I don't know how it will end up, but at least I'm already doing better than the last time I attempted this!

So, here are my selections (warning: lots of pictures in a row because I don't quite know how to do a cool collage-y thing. Double warning: they might be crooked, out of alignment, etc because Blogger and I are fighting right now):

Jan. 30x30: Black Dress
Black Dress
Jan. 30x30: Purple Tunic
Purple Tunic

Jan. 30x30: Hearts Sweater
Hearts Sweater
Jan. 30x30: Navy Blue Sweater
Navy Blue Sweater
Jan. 30x30: Gray Tunic
Gray Tunic
Jan. 30x30: Black and Gray Striped T-Shirt
Black and Gray Striped T-Shirt

Jan. 30x30: Gray diamond cardigan
Gray Cardigan with red, white, black diamonds

Jan. 30x30: Black Ann Taylor Sweater
Black Sweater
Jan. 30x30: Cream Sweater
Cream Sweater
Jan. 30x30: White 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
White 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt that I was wearing...thanks for noticing...
Jan. 30x30: Mustache Sweater
Mustache Shirt
Jan. 30x30: Chambray Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Jan. 30x30: Red Cowl Neck Shirt
Red Cowl Neck Shirt
Jan. 30x30: Tank Tops and Layering Pieces
Tank Tops and Layering Pieces
Jan. 30x30: Black Cardigan
Black Cardigan
Jan. 30x30: Blue Cardigan
Blue Sweater
Jan. 30x30: Purple Blazer
Purple Blazer
Jan. 30x30: Black Velvet Blazer
Black Blazer
Jan. 30x30: Pants
Everything is pretty self-explanatory except for the tanks/layering pieces and pants. Those items include:
1. Leopard Print Sleeveless Button Down
2. White Sleeveless T-Shirt
3-5. Lace Tank Tops in White, Black, and Gray
6. Black Leggings
7. Jeggings
8-11. Skinny Jeans in Denim, Black, Maroon, and Gray
12-13. Tan and Green Cords

I decided not to count shoes as part of my 30 since this is the first time I'm doing this. Also, since it's January, I may end up wearing the same 2 pairs of boots the entire time anyway! I also tried to stick to a monochromatic color palette (mostly blacks and grays), but this seems pretty boring. I reserve the right to swap something out as long as I haven't worn an item already. I'm not doing a shopping ban during this project (in fact, some of these things were chosen because they were recent purchases, mainly from Old Navy), but I am resolving to purge and declutter my clothes, especially since I'm getting married and moving in March. I definitely want to have a cleaner slate to start the wifey lifey (I've used this rhyme before, but I'm not sure whether it was here or on another blog I have. Regardless, I like it, so it stays).

There are some pieces on here that I've never worn (not just the items with tags on them), and there are pieces that I've worn in real life but not on a work day, so they haven't made their way to the blog yet. I'm excited to see if I can incorporate any weekend wear into the work week. I'm also excited that I've finally finished this posting! 


  1. Loving so many of the pieces that you picked out Amber! Just started following you so I can see your outfits!


  2. Thanks Nicole! I'm pretty sure I need those fuschia tights you wore yesterday...actually I need that whole outfit lol. Can't wait to see what else you do during 30 x 30!