Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little 30x30 trouble...

There's been some trouble in my world lately concerning 30x30. First, my maroon skinny pants have decided they are too skinny for me after my holiday entire month of December and part of January overeating binge. I guess that's what happens when you don't try on your pieces before selecting them. Also, a black sweater that I chose has proven to be incredibly itchy. I've worn it once, and I didn't have that problem, but maybe I was just feeling super-sensitive since I was on my way to getting sick with a "viral infection" (put into quotation marks because it sounds like a really generic way of saying "bad sinuses" or "crappy response to the up and down weather"). So, I've been home from work 3 out of 5 days this week, and I can't wear 2 of my 30 pieces, and I realize that I just plain don't want to wear a couple of the items. I think I'm going to do some shuffling around this weekend and swap some things out. I've only worn a small portion of my choices so far, so I feel justified in doing this, even if this is going to take me into the second week of February (unless I start getting out of the house on Sundays...hmmm...). On the plus side, I did plot out my outfits using Sam's OCD Organization Idea (and let's be honest, I ripped off the idea of a Life 2013 spreadsheet also. So much more helpful than having 40 different related but different spreadsheets clogging up my Google Drive account). Planning out my outfits is something I'm going to continue beyond this challenge...IF I ever finish it! 

How's everyone else doing with the challenge? I've seen some very cute outfits that are also responsible for making me want to swap out some of my pieces! 

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