Friday, February 28, 2014

Slowly Coming Back To Life

I've lost 6 pounds.

That may not seem like a lot or like a big deal, but when you're 5'3, and you've gained 30 pounds (on top of the 25-30 you were overweight anyway), then it becomes a cause for celebration.

Even better than the 6 pounds is the 12 (!) overall inches that I've lost in the five weeks that I've been concentrating on eating cleaner and regular workouts.

The physical changes are great, but the mental ones are even better! I was stuck in a getting dressed rut/funk. I felt like I constantly wore dark colors and the same couple of things all of the time, partially because they were all that fit me. Now, I'm starting to take a few more risks with my outfits again. I'll have a couple of pictures in my next post.

Also, I've bought a couple of new items. My jeans were getting way too loose, but the other ones I still have are a little too snug, so we went to Old Navy last weekend to take advantage of the jeans sale and for me to use the rest of my Christmas gift card. Here's what I got for $32 out of pocket:

(Not the exact same shirt, but it was a gray Star Wars t-shirt)
Rockstar skinny jeans with holes

Rockstar skinny jeans with ankle zippers

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Such a good feeling. :)

    1. Thank you! I've almost got a two pack set of abs now lol. Thanks for stopping by also! =)

  2. My sister and I are both big fans of Old Navy's jeans too! And congrats on the two-pack!

    dash dot dotty

    1. It seems like the quality of their jeans has gotten better in the last couple of years. I'll definitely stick with them as my two-pack becomes a six-pack! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!