Monday, December 2, 2013

Style Imitating Art: What does the swan say?

Very quick and very late tonight. My computer, like me over the weekend, contracted some type of virus, so I've been battling both of the viruses tonight. Also, the human virus seems to have taken away my writing skills and patience with the man and fur creature in my house. Lucky everyone...

Jess from Animated Cardigan chose Swan Lake as her Style Imitating Art picture. Be sure to read more about it, including who the famous illustrator is!

My interpretation:

Swan: Full Body

Clearly, the swans and I both have the long, graceful neck in common. Also, I think my eyes were closed in this one too! Double also, my kitchen looks so blah!

Swan: Pattern Closeup

The pattern on this dress gave me an underwater vibe, plus the blues kind of echoed the blues in the picture (I'm working on my artsy comparisons. Maybe one of these days I'll use something other than "echoed"). I found this dress earlier this year on the clearance rack at Burke's Outlet, and it had a lavender sale sticker, which meant 90% off, so it was under $2. I'm working to shop more ethically these days, but sometimes you just have to talk about a good bargain!

Also, here's my fox earring. Foxes and swans are friends, right?

Swan: Meet the Fox

Wow, I wrote a lot more than I thought I would! Maybe sinus meds make me chatty! Bless my poor husband, then! ;-)

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