Monday, December 9, 2013

Hibernation Mode: Activate

It's cold. 

I know, I'm not telling anyone anything that they don't know, but I thought I would add to the extensive Internet literature that already exists and refers to the cold December weather. I'm more insulated than I would like to be, but I'm still not built for this type of weather. All I want to do is hibernate! Unfortunately, I don't have a job that allows that, and the groceries and Christmas presents aren't going to buy themselves. So, I layer up and maybe rely on an extra warm, caffeinated drink from a certain place to help warm me from the inside. And ladies and gentlemen, I may have figured out where some of that extra insulation came from!

In other news, it's Inspiration Monday. Here's the picture:

I went for an interpretation- scarf, sweater, leggings, boots:

Hibernation: Full and hidden visitor

Ugh, grainy cell phone picture. I tried to edit it a little to make it more crisp, but that didn't really work! It's been raining for approximately 35 years now, so I've been stuck taking pictures inside. Meh. I should've at least used my camera! 

Hibernation: Close

I just liked how this one looked for some reason. This was when I was setting up my phone/self-timer. A little soft-focus action for ya today.

Also, I brought this up earlier in the fall, then my life evidently blew up with work, family, etc, but I'd like to try it again! If any of you ever read Fab Finds Under 50, then you may remember the Outfit Inspiration Calendar. She has since stopped blogging, but before she did, I asked for permission to take this over. To submit a look for the January calendar, just fill out the form below by Friday, December 27. This will be a new experience for me, so I'll try to make it as smooth as possible! =)

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Inspiration Monday and Thrifters Anonymous (since my sweater was thrifted! Woo hoo!)


  1. you look so cozy! i love that sweater!

    1. Thanks! I think I actually stole it from my mom who got it from Goodwill. Finders keepers, right? ;-)

  2. Poor, thing...
    I hope the rain stops soon for you
    Love the big buttons on your sweater

    1. It did finally! We even got 1/4 inch of snow yesterday! Woo hoo!! Thanks for the compliment. =)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I tried to figure out how to wear pajama-like clothes without wearing pj's to work. It was a success! =)