Monday, July 22, 2013

Preppy Pattern Mixing

Today was a fashion risk for me. I've never done such overt pattern mixing. In fact, my pattern mixing is limited to one instance where I wore a printed tank top and pants with very subtle pinstriping. I don't even know if anyone noticed. Today I felt...out there. It did get the husband seal of approval when I tried it on last night, and my mom said it wasn't bad when I saw her today, so I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. You be the judge:

07/22/13- Full Body

Here's a close up of the two patterns:

07/22/13- Pattern Closeup

I didn't get a good shot of it, but my shirt is a Ralph Lauren and has a monogram on it, which made me feel extra preppy today. Also, my shirt and skirt are from Goodwill! You can't beat that!

Also, linking up with Thrifters Anonymous!

  Thrifters Anonymous

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