Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling like a suburban housewife...

Oh wait, that's kind of what I am (a working outside of the home housewife but why argue?).

This shirt is what caused me to proclaim that ironing is the devil's chore. It was one of the first things in my stack that I ironed, and by the time I finished with the stack, it was already wrinkled again. Argh! At least it looked summery. Couple of notes on this outfit: the shirt was $1 at Rue 21. It was one of those "buy something full price and get a second item for $1" sales. I bought it a few months ago but just now ironed it to wear it. Second, the shoes are children's shoes! I normally wear about a 6.5/7 in women's shoes, but I was able to go to kid's size with these. I've had these a while but always forget about them when I wear white pants.

07/23/13- Full Body 1

07/23/13- Full Body 2

07/23/13- From Above

07/23/13- Face!
New earrings from the mother-in-law!

I'm trying a new photo location in the house too. I think I like it better than the one I used before. I'm still not brave enough to go outside though! Also, I made a couple of changes to my layout. I'm not sure if I like them yet, so there may be more coming soon!

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