Monday, April 29, 2013

What I Wore: Monday, April 29, 2013

Here we go with the Literate & Stylish and The Modern Austen Pantone challenge! I LOVE the color green, and as someone with dark hair/eyes, I feel like jewel tones work well on me. However, I had a little bit of panic when I was choosing my wardrobe for the week. I tend to take things very literally sometimes (it's the librarian in me, I suppose), so I wasn't sure if my dress was truly emerald or just pretty green. I decided to make an executive decision as a blogger and call it emerald.

I bought this dress for my wedding reception/celebration that we held a week after the wedding. Since it was close to St. Patrick's Day, we did a green theme. Today is the first time I've worn it since then, so I was glad to have an "excuse" to bust it back out. Also, I received several student compliments about it today, which is always nice!

All decked out at my wedding reception!

Who says I'm not a ham?

Unfortunately, after this day turning out to be waaaaay longer than I intended it to, I haven't had a chance to find my SD card connector and load my pictures from my camera. I'll probably come back and edit this in the next day or two and add today's outfit shots so everyone can see the hem of the dress and how I styled it. I'm not off to the best start in this challenge, am I? ;-) Found my camera connector, Fitbit charger, and iPad charger! That's like a week's worth of unpacking in one day!! Here are a couple of shots from yesterday:

Asymmetric hem. Wore the leggings for modesty...and to hide my white legs!
Bit of a close up of the fabric

Want to participate in the challenge? Here's the lineup for the rest of the week. Any clothing or accessories in these colors will work!  

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  1. Love the top but feel the hair and glasses are a little too subtle. (hee hee just kidding). I'm with ya loving Jesus, fashion and all that other stuff, but not the working out part. I will leave that to you. (popped over from pantone links)

  2. That's my real hair too! ;-) I'll be glad to work out on your behalf...maybe that would actually get me to the gym lol. Thanks for visiting!

  3. from what i can see of your dress, it looks super cute & close enough to emerald to me! i'm so glad you're joining us during our pantone-inspired color challenge and yes, i'd love to see a full shot of the dress when you get a chance to upload it. boy, do i hate camera issues, especially when my battery dies after i've only taken 1-2 shots and i have to wait for it to recharge before i can upload 'em!

  4. Haha you are too much fun! The emerald dress seems like it has a great print! I would LOVE to see a full shot of it when you get a chance! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  5. @Heidi, I'm also notoriously bad about taking blurry pictures but not realizing it until I get ready to load my pictures...after I've showered for the day and my outfit is long gone. Sigh!

    @Marissa, thanks for stopping by! I'm loving this challenge because it's breaking me out of my black/gray/blah rut!

  6. Amber!! I tried to see this post yesterday from the Pantone Challenge as your thumbnail was hilarious!!! (the BEST thumbnail hands down) - but my computer was having it's way and wasn't loading images properly so I couldn't see anything. I can see these now! So funny. I absolutely love your outfit here. That dress and that belt are amazing!!!! I love bow belts - you look great in this outfit. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog earlier and leaving such a lovely comment too :)

  7. Thanks Amelia! This was my first bow belt, and I fell in love with it in the store! And, I just saw your tutorial about polymer clay bows!! I think I have a craft project for the weekend! =)