Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost Mrs. time!

I'm getting married in 3 days!!!

My life has been wedding planning/marriage preparation consumed for the last couple of months, but I definitely want to make this blog a priority when the post honeymoon dust settles down, and I'm unpacked in my new house. I've been following a lot of blogs, and I'm loving the No Longer Neglected Challenge that Kate at a journey in style is doing. I want to do something similar, perhaps in April, especially since I'm finding clothes I had forgotten about as I move things to the new place. Also, I DO want to complete 30X30 this year! My golden idea is to 30X30 to turn 30 leading up to my 30th birthday in July. I think it would be easier to do the challenge when the temperature is more consistent.

Hope all of you are doing well! Can't wait to start back here again (and with a new picture more washed out office pics!).

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